Dominic Briscomb.

Dominic Briscomb is the Practice Principle at Woodend Osteopathy. He holds a Masters of Clinic Science in Osteopathy as well a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Movement. 

He has been treating patients as an Osteo for over 13 years and as a masseur for 5years before that. During that time, he has treated an enormous range of humans - with a wide range of conditions and abilities - from the sick and infirm through to elite sport people, from children to the elderly and everyone in between.

Dominic is a cyclist and has a keen professional interest in how the human body performs when cycling. He offers Bike Fit sessions to help cyclists enjoy their cycling more ; by increasing comfort, balance, and confidence and optimising performance.  




Madeline Sherlock


MAdeline is returning in january 2018 ! 

In July 2017, Madeline welcomed her daughter, Zoe to the world.  Now she is settling in to her new role, she is returning to Woodend to share her Osteopathic skills again. 

Madeline Sherlock holds a Bachelor of Health Science (Clinical Science) and a Masters in Health Science (Osteopathy). Madeline has also completed Intermediate level courses in Dry Needling.

She is very open to treating a range of musculoskeletal conditions, regardless of age, type or mechanism of injury. She is familiar with a number of acute sports injuries and the impact it can have on individuals.

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Sara Polastri holds a Master of Osteopathy Bachelor of Applied Science (Complementary Medicine) and has completed her Cert IV Mat Pilates course.  Sara has worked at multiple clinics throughout Victoria and Queensland which has supported the broadening of her knowledge and treatment style. 

Sara’s professionalism and friendly nature enables her to treat each individual in a unique manner, ensuring the best results for all her patients. While providing thorough diagnosis and examination she is able to treat and prescribe a range of exercises in order to help manage a patient’s pain.

She enjoys treating a range of complaints ranging from acute low back/neck pain, TMJ pain and headaches.

Sara has a keen interest in women’s health and pelvic conditions such endometriosis.

She uses a varied technique approach to treatment including: soft tissue, massage, stretching, mobilisation and articulation; tailoring every treatment for the patient.