An Osteopath is thoroughly trained in anatomy and physiology so they can bring a deeper understanding to your physical ailments. We understand how you move and how to help you feel less pain and move more freely. 

One central idea of Osteopathy is that the body is one, complete functioning unit and needs to be treated as such, not  a collection of parts.

We are extensively trained in manual therapy, so we can articulate your joints as well as stretch and massage your muscles. 

It is a hands-on care approach, where we customise your treatment and rehabilitation to each individual's needs.  This can include referral for X-rays, MRI's  or on to other medical practitioners.

Our Mission

We aim to be a leader in physical health in the Macedon Ranges and beyond, making everyone feel better about moving and taking charge of their own health.

services we offer

Woodend Osteopathy offers a suite of services to assist your overall physical health. 

  • Osteopathy - hands-on manual therapy
  • Bike Fits - improving how you ride your bike with guidance on set-ups for comfort, power transfer and handling. 
  • Clinical Pilates - muscle activation and resistance training
  • Rehabilitation exercises - conditioning to assist with restoring health
  • Dry needling - fine needle therapy for muscle pain

We are registered providers FOR : 

  • WorkSafe Victoria
  • TAC (Traffic Accident Commission) 
  • DVA (Department of Veterans Affairs)
  • Medicare Australia